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Tessa’s Table – Recipes For Students

If you’re like me you probably wake up thinking, what’s for dinner today? How difficult is it to think of something different and not eat the same thing week after week. It’s a real struggle. This past week The Grad Hub came across a graduate named Tessa, who has travelled the world and learnt many recipes. She has created an instagram account where she shares her recipes and is now sharing these with us over the coming weeks.

Tessa’s Journey to Tessa’s Table

Tessa TableTessa Scala is 22 and is half French/half British, but also has a strong Italian heritage! Tessa grew up in France and studied for her Bachelors Degree in the UK, at the University of Surrey. During those 4 years, Tessa got the chance to do a year-long internship in Barcelona; where she experienced the best year’s of her life…so far.

Tessa has always loved travelling and had visited much of Europe so she decided it was time to take the next step. When she graduated in July 2019 she had planned to go on a year long promising tour of Asia & Australia, but due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, her plans have been compromised. Still, she was lucky enough to backpack for 3 months across Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia!

Here Tessa learnt to cook new recipes and on her return to France she decided to commit to her passion, cooking, therefore finally creating the cooking account she wanted for the past 2 years!

Tessa is now dedicated to helping students cook, at improving their skills as she improves hers, and posting simple recipes with guided steps. She knows how hard it is to move away from home and have your entire world turned upside down, and cooking felt like a constant reminder of that. You’re also tempted by all the fast food deals and cheap deliveries. But it’s an unhealthy routine she decided to overcome by committing to cooking and now she’s motivated to share her passion with others! Enjoy the recipes, they are there for YOU!

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Recipes from Tessa’s Table

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