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Tessa’s Table – Build Your Own Smoothie Bowls

In this series of recipes from Tessa’s Table we start with Building Your Own Smoothie Bowls. Tessa’s Table is dedicated to helping students cook, at improving their skills as she improves hers, and posting simple recipes with guided steps. Here’s Tessa’s advice for the perfect smoothie bowl.

Build Your Own Smoothie Bowls

Tessa's Smoothie Bowl


Frozen or fresh

Preferably, use frozen fruits! Not only do they last longer but they also provide a thicker consistency when mixed. You can go with berries, strawberry, banana, mango, strawberries, kiwi and so on.


The thicker the better

The thicker the mixer is, the more consistency you’ll get in your smoothie bowl. Depending on how cold you like your bowl, keep the mixer out or take it out of the fridge before using. My favourite is coconut cream, but you can use coconut milk, plain, flavoured or plant-based yoghurt.

Blend mixer and fruits together for 30 seconds to get our perfect smoothie. Blending times may vary.


Decorate according to taste

There are endless possibilities with toppings, use your imagination and create according to taste!

My favourites are:

  • fresh fruits: mainly banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberries and blackberries.
  • nuts: almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews
  • nut butter: peanut and almond
  • seeds: chia, unsalted sunflower
  • other: granola, muesli, chocolate chunks, golden syrup & honey

You can also use algarve syrup, walnuts, shredded coconut, dried fruits.

Tip: place the heaviest ingredients last for a pretty bowl.

Benefits of Smoothies

Fruit smoothies have several benefits that promote a balanced, healthy diet. Numerous vitamins and minerals are found naturally in the fruit juices and fresh fruit while additional nutrients can be added to the smoothie. Vitamin C and calcium are two of the most common nutrients in fruit smoothies.

Creating your own fruit smoothie bowl gives you the ability to control the overall nutrition including calories, sugar and vitamins while creating a personalised flavour.


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  1. glowsteady

    I like a blend of fresh and frozen in mine, I think just frozen can make it a bit too icy sometimes. Totally agree about a thicker liquid though x


    1. Rohan Verma

      A blend that sounds like a good idea. Will try that. If you fancy sharing some of your recipes on The Grad Hub, I’d be happy to put them up!

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