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POSTGRADUALLY – Post University Advice from Graduates

When I graduated from University (some months…years ago), I fell straight into a job, not the job I wanted but a job nonetheless. No one offered post university advice or even told me what to expect. No one explained the highs and lows of life after uni.

I was in a long-distance relationship, if 3 hours is long distance, and finding time to keep that alive, plus working, moving home and living with the parents just wasn’t what I was expecting. 15 year’s on, I look back and think, I wish there was someone that could have helped me and provide advice through those key times.

Well, let me introduce you to POSTGRADUALLY, a podcast that offers post university advice through conversations with graduates…


postgraduallyPostgradually is a podcast where transparent and open conversations are had about all things graduate life has to offer. From the highs, the lows and everything in between.

This podcast includes graduates from different backgrounds and professions sharing their stories about careers, mental health, finances, travelling, finding their purpose and so much more. Hoping to help other graduates on their journey and make it that little less stressful. Join Monisha Begum every other week where she and her fellow graduates gradually put the puzzle together.

You can listen to POSTGRADUALLY on all major podcasting platforms including: Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Current podcasts include:

A bit about Monisha Begum

Monisha BegumMonisha recently graduated from Bournemouth University, where she studied finance and business. Monisha went straight into a full-time summer job after university, working at a small investment firm. After the summer role, she returned home and began frantically looking for a full-time job, applying to a range of different roles. During this period Monisha experienced anxiety, leading to ups and downs in her life. After speaking to friends and family, she noticed she wasn’t the only one going through the post-graduate blues. This led her to start POSTGRADUALLY, a podcast service which she hopes will offer support for graduates on how to deal with life after university.

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