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Dealing with Mental Health as a Student

Did you know that mental health problems are very common amongst students. Research has suggested that many difficulties are not caused by medical problems, but through normal life problems, such as relationship issues, anxiety through studying and even family! Does this sound like you?

I for one feel down and stressed from time to time, it’s part of normality, however when the stress of life starts to effect daily activities, don’t just think it will disappear, get help!

Today is Time to Talk day. Time to talk is part of the Time to Change campaign, which encourages everyone to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. We have a special guest on our blog today who has been through the ins and outs of mental health and turned to Time to Change to help her through her mental health problems.

How Helping Others Is Improving My Mental Health!

ElishaHi everyone, I’m Elisha. I have been struggling with mental health for so many years and I have been receiving ongoing treatment for my anxiety, OCD and depression. By sharing my experience of my diagnosis with other people, I feel that my mental health has been improving, and I feel that I am not the only one in the world who suffers.

At first I was scared of opening up about my mental health illness especially suicide and depression. But with the help of Time to Change and becoming a champion for this amazing movement, I am not ashamed to discuss how I feel or mentioning that I have an OCD and anxiety! Even though, others may (wrongfully) judge me for it.

My OCD is a part of me. Just as much as other traits – like my love for dancing and watching films. A little understanding can go a long way. It’s not about being tidy and it’s not a choice. Its complex, I have so many intrusive thoughts a lot of compulsions; which until today I am tackling. The stigma around my diagnosis made me feel suicidal, isolated and felt that I could not be heard. After opening up about it, I knew I was not alone and there were others suffering like me.

The Support of Time to Change

Through Time to Change, I have learnt so many practical techniques to help me manage my mental health and it’s made me become a more confident person. A lot of people have so many feelings and emotions when it comes to their mental illnesses and that sense of fear kicks in; when they want to be heard. With my lived experiences of mental health, I want to stop and change the stigma, so that people can be supported.

I have now taken that one step further and have joined the Time to Change campaign. I have developed an idea of raising awareness about anxiety at train stations. Through my “Powerful Mind”, I want to assist train passengers by making them feel confident, safe and supported. I am looking to raise an awareness for those individuals who do not usually travel on trains due to their anxiety, or they feel daunted in some way because of their mental conditions. I am very passionate and excited about this project; which will I am hoping will enable me and all of you to stand out in bringing transformation on public transport.

You can follow me for campaigns, new initiatives, practical techniques and shared experiences on Instagram @my_powerful_mind. In helping others, you’re helping yourself too!

About Time to Change

time to changeTime to Change is a social movement supported by a dedicated staff team. At the core of their movement, are passionate people who want to change the way we all think and act about mental health. Champions are people who have lived experience of any form of mental health problem. Time to Change Champions are a community of people who are committed to change the stigma and discrimination that exists against mental health/illness.

Their aim is to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems, make the world a better and more accepting place to live in. They build campaigns by organising events, going to meetings and writing articles for newsletters. Time to Change also works with individuals, schools, healthcare services, employers and employees. Find out more about Time to Change and how you can get involved.

Let’s all do one thing today, ask a friend how they are doing? Take someone out for lunch! Make a difference and help change the stigma that exists against mental health.

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