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Nurturing Sales and Marketing Careers in Technology

Finding a job after university is no easy task. With thousands of students graduating each year, finding the perfect job couldn’t be more competitive. This is where The Grad Hub can help.


We have recently teamed up with Talentskowt, a specialist recruitment agency launched in 2019 by John Gaughan, who’s vision is to be remembered as the company who kick-started the careers of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. John has over 23 years in the recruitment industry personally being involved in the placement of thousands of sales professionals within the IT and Digital Sales sectors with some of the hottest technology companies in the world, so he definitely understands the recruitment market.

Talentskowt exist to nurture sales and marketing careers in Tech. They do this by creating a community whereby both talent and organisations flourish.

We are proud to be working alongside Talentskowt with the aim to help UK students kick-start their careers.

You can find all the roles Talentskowt are recruiting for over on The Grad Hub.

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