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Graduate Recruitment Jobs and More…

There are over 2.3million university students currently studying across 160 universities in the UK with the average student leaving university with debts in excess of £50,000.

Finding a job after university and repaying those debts can be a difficult task, but that’s where The Grad Hub comes in.

Permanent People

We have recently teamed up with Permanent People, a specialist recruitment-to-recruitment agency launched in 2013 by Paul Reid, to provide a straightforward service to candidates. The owner, Paul Reid has over 16 years experience working on both sides of the fence, so he understands the needs of both parties.

Permanent People work with all levels of recruitment businesses, from independently owned SME’s to some of the largest organisations in the recruitment world.

They have great geographic and sector experience, and work in a very personal way with recruiters to offer a range of ideas and options that fit with what you are looking for, meaning that they are able to offer you knowledge-led advice to find the right career move for you.

They have a history in placing candidates from trainee and graduate level, all the way through to consultant/senior through to manager and director positions.

We are proud to be working alongside Permanent People with the aim to help UK students build new connections, save money and take their first step into the world of work. You can find all the roles Permanent People are hiring for, over on The Grad Hub Job Site.

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