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Reviewing the Saal Digital Professional Line Photobook

Are you like me where your mobile has thousands of photos, you back them up to the cloud and then forget about them? It’s crazy right! I must have years’ worth of photos on the cloud. Last month I decided it’s time to relive those photos and created a photobook with an online photo lab called Saal Digital.

Introducing Saal Digital

After coming across Saal Digital on Instagram I thought let’s check them out. Saal Digital are a professional photo lab with great enthusiasm for photography. They specialise in high-quality photo products, including photobooks, photo prints, posters, calendars, greeting cards, wall decors and photo gifts. They were offering a variety of discounts on their website including a £30 discovery voucher, so I decided to go ahead and give them a try. There are many different products on their website, including the Professional Line Photobook, which is what I decided to go for.

They have this quick and easy design software package which you can download directly onto your computer. The software has a full range of functions, including all editing options, image sizes, arrangements and cropping. You can customise your design, add clipart, backgrounds, colour and text boxes. You can also save and edit for later. Alternatively, you can create a pdf and upload it.

Back to the Professional Line Photobook

professionalline_photobookWhat really sold this for me was the quality. Before purchasing the Photobook, it mentioned that it was all handmade with high-quality materials, has a leather cover made of hard-wearing leatherette material and has no manufacturer logos, making sure your design wasn’t distracted from unnecessary logos. Also, you can add further options such as an acrylic glass cover and a matching premium gift box, ensuring an elegant presentation.

I decided to go for the 30 x 21 Professional Line Photobook with 52 pages, which came to £108.59. With the discounts offered on top, the cost was well worth it.

After spending a couple of days on the design of the photobook, I was finally happy with it and sent my design off to be created. It took no longer than a week for the design to be created into the Professional Line Photobook and delivered to me, I was pleasantly surprised.

Let Me Introduce You to My Professional Line Photobook

Professional Line PhotobookAs mentioned earlier, I have thousands of photos on my mobile, so I decided to create the photobook of my kids. I went with a white leather bounding with acrylic cover. I added photos on the software provided and used the templates to change the layout of each page. When the photobook arrived, it was very well packed with the acrylic covered with cellophane to ensure it didn’t get scratched.

PhotobookThe end product was this fantastic 52-page photobook, made from quality white leather, glossy photopaper and professionally handmade.

The pages were well bound, ensuring they don’t fall out. The glossy photo paper really highlights the images and colours and further adds character to the photos. The acrylic glass cover completes the photobook by providing an impressive depth to the cover image.

Professional Line PhotobookI was so happy with the end product. It has left a fantastic memory, which is both special and elegant in its own way.

I’ve always felt that photos need to be in photo albums and not left on the phone, and the Professional Line Photobook is definitely the way ahead.


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