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COYA – A Peruvian Delight

Where’s there to go in the heart of the City of London that has fantastic cocktails, delicious food and a bustling ambience. I guess there are many places, but there’s no place like COYA!

COYA Angel Court

A stone’s throw away from Bank Station, COYA Angel Court invites you into a world of inspired flavours and colours of Incan heritage and Latin American culture, with a twist of Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences.

The COYA Bar & Lounge

The Diana MargaritaAs soon as you enter, you are welcomed by a swanky, bright & colourful Pisco bar, which specialises in bespoke pisco infusions, over 40 tequilas and an extensive rum list. I was out with a few friends and they love their margaritas, but unfortunately the margaritas needs to be specific, so the COYA bar staff created the perfect “Diana” margarita. Reposado tequila, a light squeeze of fresh lime, grand marnier, shaken together, poured over rocks and finished with a dried slice of lime and salt on the glass. (One of our friends is called Diana and it’s her recipe, so we labeled it Diana)

The Restaurant

After our pre-drinks, we were taken into the main restaurant, which consisted of three open kitchens, multiple dining rooms and curtains/doors that sectioned of private dining tables.

We were welcomed with a glass of champagne each whilst we pondered through the wide variety of exciting dishes on the menu. We were out celebrating a wedding anniversary and the COYA staff went above and beyond to ensure the couple had a special time with a glass of champagne each for the table.

The Peruvian Delights

COYA Guacamole

COYA Salmon TacosCOYA Anticuchos Pollo

COYA Pulpo Rostizado





The chefs had outdone themselves. The ideal way to order is to order several dishes and the COYA team will bring them out over the course of the evening. We ordered the guacamole to start, which came with corn tortillas and shrimp crackers. It was freshly prepared at the table and was absolutely delicious. Next out were the salmon tacos. 3 small crispy tacos, with salmon, avocado and aji amarillo. These were tasty, but not what I expected for tacos. I hadn’t seen tacos this small before. We further complemented this with Pollo Antichuchos (2 pieces of marinated chicken skewers) and Pulpo Rostizado, which was a small plate of josper octopus, sweet potatoes, bojita olives and chorizo. YUM YUM YUM.

COYA Arroz Nikkei

COYA Arroz Primavera

COYA Kale y Manchego

Once we finished with these, we had two cazuelas, which were iron pots of rice. One called Arroz Nikkei, consisting of Chilean sea bass, rice, lime and chilli, delicious! And the other was Arroz Primavera, which consisted of asparagus, rice, wild garlic, garden peas and marigold. Looking at it, it wasn’t something I would go for, but OMG, the taste was divine. We further ordered Kale y Manchego, a salad with kale, candied walnuts, goji, manchego and dried canberry. It was just WOW! I can taste it whilst writing this post. With this we had the Lomo de Res, a spicy beef fillet, crispy shallots, aji lomo and star anise. It was perfectly made, so tender and melted in my mouth.

For the five of us, this was the perfect meal. I could have eaten the whole menu! It was that delicious.

That Extra Stomach for Dessert

COYA ChurrosCOYA Chocolate FondidoObviously you can’t end a meal without dessert, and what better way to have dessert than a free dessert courtesy of the anniversary celebrations. The staff gave the happy couple a chocolate fundido. The chocolate just oozed out. We also ordered the churros de naranja, which were orange and lime churros with melted milk chocolate and dulce de leche sauce. If you haven’t had churros before, these are the ONE! You must, must, must try these.

COYA – A Pure Delight

We had the perfect evening meal. We weren’t rushed to finish our dinner, had plenty of bottles of Gavi di Gavi wine, plenty of margaritas and plenty of food. It’s by far the best restaurant I have been to in London. The food was exceptional; the staff were friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was chic and classy.

If you liked what you read, book a table at either the Angel Court restaurant or the Mayfair restaurant. And if you are overseas, then you’re in luck as COYA also has restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Monte Carlo and Paris (coming soon).

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COYA Angel Court Restaurant Opening Times

  • Lunch: Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 2:30pm
  • Dinner: Monday – Saturday: 6:00pm – 10:30pm

COYA Pisco Bar & Lounge Opening Times

  • Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 12:00am

Contact Details

COYA Unit 1C, 31-33 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AT
Tel: +44 (0)20 3907 0000

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